WSC's speech for the debate on the address

Reference code: CHUR 5/45A/6-52

Part of: CHUR 5/45A-C

Date: 06 Nov 1951


Speech notes WSC's speech (House of Commons) for the debate on the address, on subjects including: the political divisions in the country; the charge of war-mongering laid against the Conservatives, and the need for steady government; the restoration of university representation in Parliament; the repeal of the Iron and Steel Nationalization Act; future parliamentary business, including the defence debate; keeping the Minister of Education out of the Cabinet, and Welsh representation in Government; the economic situation; the coal supply and meat ration; repairing the loss of oil supplies from Persia [Iran]; maintaining the British position in the Canal Zone [Egypt]; bridging the gap between East and West.

Typescript copy of speaking notes laid out in "psalm style" with manuscript additions by WSC.






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Physical: 47 folios
Publication: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8289 - 97 Alternative format:
Original Reference: Language: English