Personal: Visits and invitations: Marrakesh [Morocco], (December 1947 - January 1948): A - D.

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Date: 21 Oct 1947 - 04 Mar 1948


Correspondents on WSC's visit to Marrakesh include: Marquis de Montesquiou-Fezensac, President of the Societe des produits d' Armagnac [France]; Clement Attlee [Prime Minister]; A-L Breugnot, L'Echo D'Algers [Algeria] (4); Francois Cogne, on his sculpture of WSC (5); Noel Barber, [Editor], Continental Daily Mail; H Valentine, Assistant Traffic Manager, Thomas Cook and Son Limited, on travel arrangements (13); Stanley Adams, Chairman, Thomas Cook and Son Limited; Sir Edward Bridges [Permanent Secretary], Treasury, on travel regulations; Sarah Oliver [earlier Sarah Churchill, later Sarah Beauchamp, later Sarah, Lady Audley]; William Deakin [WSC's literary assistant ] (3).

Other subjects include: invitations, gifts and requests for interviews and autographs.

Also includes: luggage lists, including lists of proofs for ["The Gathering Storm", volume I of "The Second World War"]; photographs of WSC in Marrakesh; press cuttings from L'Echo D'Alger on WSC's stay; lists of travel expenses.




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