Official: Cabinet: Reform of Parliament: notes and prints.

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Date: 01 Oct 1909 - 31 Aug 1911


Printed Cabinet papers on various subjects including: relations between the House of Commons and the House of Lords including the latter's powers of veto; the financial impact of the rejection of the 1909 [People's] Budget by the Lords including the collection of taxes and duty on tea; the parliamentary register; the positions of Upper Houses in the Dominions and states in Europe; a draft bill for the reform of the constitutional position of the House of Lords and limitation of the power of veto over money bills; possibilities for alleviation of the deadlock between the two houses through the creation of peers; and material on electoral reform including the 'polls on one day' bill, referenda and methods of voting.

Also includes manuscript notes by WSC; a cutting from the West Bromwich and Oldbury chronicle on an election investigation; and a summary of the divisions of the House of Lords on specific bills from 1856 to 1908.




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