Official: Cabinet: Correspondence.

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Date: 03 Jan 1908 - 22 Dec 1908


Correspondents comprise: David Lloyd George [Chancellor of the Exchequer] on his and WSC's opposition to the naval building programme and the determination of Reginald McKenna [First Lord of the Admiralty] to build Dreadnoughts (3); Sir George Murray [Permanent Secretary to the Treasury] on naval estimates; John Bradbury on Budget estimates and the National Debt; the Motor Union on a petition to Herbert Asquith [later Lord Oxford and Asquith] on car taxation; Lord Crewe [earlier Lord Houghton and Robert Milnes] objecting to WSC's part in a debate on Colonial Office affairs (3); McKenna on the naval building programme and its effect on unemployment in dockyards; Sir Roderick Meiklejohn [Private Secretary to Asquith] on a pension for Lady Zaida Drummond Wolff; and Lord Morley [Secretary of State for India].

Also includes copies of letters from WSC to the individuals mentioned above including an explanation of Board of Trade policy regarding unemployment in the dockyards in a letter to McKenna.

Also includes a list of members of the committee on [army] estimates which included WSC and a report on legislation for London which covers taxation and the relation between central and local government.






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