Public and political: various items relating to Bolshevism and Socialism.

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Date: 1925 - 1926


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CHAR 2/146/1 Edition of "The Patriot" including article by Nesta H Webster: "What is Socialism?". 22 Oct 1925
CHAR 2/146/2 Pamphlet: "Can we trust the Soviets? Being twelve reasons against credits for the Soviet Government." With an introduction by 1st Lord Sydenham. Issued by the Association of British Creditors of Russia. Apr 1926
CHAR 2/146/3 Pamphlet: "Justice or plunder: the facts about the Soviet confiscation and dishonesty: Soviet Oil Scandal". Issued by the Association of British Creditors of Russia. c 1925
CHAR 2/146/4 Note by WSC on papers [? relating to Socialism] which he would like to be brought to the House of Commons where he can speak to Oliver Locker-Lampson on the subject. 10 Feb 1927
CHAR 2/146/5 "Present considerations concerning the fight against Bolshevism. Memorandum addressed to governments by the permanent bureau of the International Entente against the Third International.". Dec 1926